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Rufus Dawson Art

 Although I was born in Scotland, my early years were lived in Malaya (as it was then)  and it was great - all the sights,  the colours, the exotic creatures, the wonderful  culture and customs, I loved every  minute I spent out there. However, it was decided  I should return to England to  complete my education.

 After leaving school, I studied Graphic Design at the London College of Printing,  where one of my tutors shared what was to be a life-changing insight. He told us  “you can’t ever be taught how to be creative, you just have to get out there and  create”. This struck such a chord in me, I immediately left the college to start my  career painting ‘fine art’ pictures and to find myself.

Something I have been doing ever since.

After leaving London in the early 70s, I moved to Dorset, where I found the beautiful landscapes and countryside a revelation. I then lived a while in Mallorca, which I found to be a truly inspirational Island, stunning! I was drawn back to the West Country 3 years later where I have stayed ever since.

I have had numerous exhibitions over the years, my work can be found in many countries including Spain, USA, France, Denmark, Germany, Australia, Switzerland as well as here in the UK.

The majority of my paintings are oil on canvas, some are oil on panel, some oil on card. I have also made many Collages. I have even published a small book of poetry called ‘Echoes of a mime’ which may appeal to you. If you would like a copy, please just contact me and ask.

This Gallery of my work covers a period of some 45 years, so is more of a Retrospective show. Not all of the paintings shown on this site are for sale, some have been kindly lent back to me by their owners.

Over time, I shall be adding more of my pictures to this Gallery so please do keep dropping by. You may have a pleasant surprise!

I really hope you enjoy looking at my work, and if you would like to know more then please do get in contact with me and I will be very happy to discuss any requests you may have.


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